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On the Pure Brightness Festival (Picking Mulberries) -Ouyang Xiu (歐陽修)

On the Pure Brightness Festival (Picking Mulberries)
Ouyang Xiu

欧阳修 〔宋代〕


Pure brighness on already west lake good
Fill eye many flower
Why speak who person
Green willow red wheel go decorated carriageVisitor sun set mutual begin go
Sober drunk noisy
Road turn dyke slant
Straight to city watchtower all be flower
On the Pure Brightness festival- West Lake is good.
Everywhere flowers abound,
Why does anyone need to speak?
Green willows and red wheels of decorated carriages passing.As sun sets the visitors start to move off together.
Drunk or sober, making a noise,
The road bends, the dyke slants,
All the way to the city gate, everything is flowers.
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