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Lai Hu Poem: To the Cloud – 来鹄《云》







[1] 来鹄:应为“来鹏”。据陈伯海主编的《唐诗汇评》中记载,《全唐诗》中来鹄名下的一卷诗,除《圣政纪颂并序》是来鹄所作外,全部都是来鹏所作。参见陈伯海主编《唐诗汇评》(下),第2776页,浙江教育出版社,1995年。

[2] 千形万象:这里指夏云的形态不断变化。

[3] 空:这里指没有降下甘霖,而不是其他诗歌中的“空当”“空灵”之“空”。

To the Cloud

Lai Hu

You have a thousand shapes in flakes or piles in vain;

Hidden in mountains or on water you remain.

The drought is so severe that all seedlings would die.

Why won’t you come down but leisurely tower high?

The poet complains that clouds won’t turn into rain to combat the drought.


“To the Cloud” is a seven-line poem written by the poet Lai Kuan in the Tang Dynasty. The first two lines describe the summer clouds in a thousand shapes, just like a picture reflecting water and hiding mountains. The second two lines rebuke Xia Yun for not caring about the people’s eagerness for rain and making a strange peak in a leisurely manner, so as to satirize some officials for not doing real work and not understanding the people’s hardship. This poem is a vivid description, a clever combination of scenery and lyricism, and is the most popular piece of chanting clouds.

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