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A Painted Boat Carrying Wine (Picking Mulberries) -Ouyang Xiu (歐陽修)

A Painted Boat Carrying Wine (Picking Mulberries)
Ouyang Xiu


欧阳修 〔宋代〕


Paint boat carry wine west lake good
Urgent pipe many strings
Jade cup press summon
Gentle float peaceful ripple serve drunk sleepMove cloud however at move boat below
Empty water clear fresh
Bend head lift head linger
Think be lake in other have heaven
A painted boat carrying wine- West Lake is good.
Urgent rhythms and pressing tunes,
A jade cup’s imperious summons,
Gently floating on tranquil ripples, appointed Sleeping Drunk.The moving clouds somehow are under the moving boat.
Empty water’s clear and fresh,
Look up, look down, I linger on,
I feel as if here on this lake there is another heaven.
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