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Du Fu Poem: After Sunset - 杜甫《日暮》












[1] 秋根:秋天的草根。沈约诗:“草根滴露霜。”

[2] 花烬:灯芯结花,民俗中有“预报喜兆”之意。

After Sunset

Du Fu

The sheep and cattle come to rest,

All thatched gates closed east and west.

The gentle breeze and the moon bright

Remind me of homeland at night.

Among rocks flow fountains unseen;

Autumn drips dewdrops on grass green.

The candle brightens white-haired head.

Why should its flame blaze up so red?

This poem was written in 767 when the poet had left his homeland for several years. As he was in a gloomy mood, he did not like the candlelight to brighten the dark corner of his heart. His nostalgia is intensified by the contrast between the outer world and his inner world.

《日暮》是唐代诗人杜甫创作的一首五言律诗。 这首诗曲折婉转,含蓄蕴藉,耐人寻味。诗的开头两句展现山村的闲静景象,作者凝望这景象,禁不住思绪万千:皓月升起,晚风清凉,月下的山村明丽如画,无奈并非自己的故乡。三、四句隐含着诗人无奈的愁绪和浓重的思乡情怀。五、六句写幽深的泉水和秋夜的露珠,流露出一种迟暮之感。灯花报喜,不觉欢欣,反而倍觉烦恼,最后两句满含辛酸的眼泪。这首诗,作者没有直接表露自己的怀乡、思乡之怨,但读来却更觉凄楚悲凉,其含蓄之美给读者以鲜明的印象和深刻的感受。

Sunset” is a poem in five lines written by Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty. It is a poem of twists and turns, subtle and intriguing. In the first two lines of the poem, the poet gazes at the quiet scene of a mountain village and can’t help but think about it: the moon rises, the evening breeze is cool, and the village under the moon is bright and picturesque, but it is not his hometown. The third and fourth lines imply the poet’s helpless sorrow and strong feelings of homesickness. In the fifth and sixth lines, the poet writes about the deep spring and the dewdrops on the autumn night, revealing a sense of lateness. The last two lines are full of bitter tears. In this poem, the author does not directly reveal his nostalgia and homesickness, but it is more poignant and sad to read, and its subtle beauty gives the reader a distinct impression and deep feeling.

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