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Li Bai: Horse-Drawn Carts with Clouds of Flying Dust

Horse-Drawn Carts With Clouds of Flying Dust

大 车 扬 飞 尘
大 车 扬 飞 尘
亭 午 暗 阡 陌。
中 贵 多 黄 金
连 云 开 甲 宅。
路 逢 斗 鸡 者
冠 盖 何 辉 赫?
鼻 息 干 虹 霓
行 人 皆 怵 惕。
世 无 洗 耳 翁
谁 知 尧 与 跖。


Da Che Yang Fei Chen

Da che yang fei chen
Ting wu an qian mo.
Zhong gui duo huang jin
Lian yun kai jia zhai.

Lu feng dou ji zhe
Guan gai he hui he?
Bi xi gan hong ni
Xing ren jie chu ti.
Shi wu xi er weng
Shei zhi yao yu zhi?


Horse-Drawn Carts With Clouds of Flying Dust

Horse-drawn carts with clouds of flying dust
Mid-day dark, they criss-cross the footpaths between fields.
With mid-level positions in society, yet they have a lot of yellow gold
And own a long string of houses.

Encounter on the highway some fighting cocks
Why do their official hats glow so with distinction?
Their noses elevated, exhale to make double rainbows
All pedestrians walk with fear and caution.
My society without old men having their washed ears
So who knows that the unethical are serving Emperor Yao.



Washed ears: Refers to legendary recluse, Xu You, who lived during the reign of Emperor Yao. He lived north of the Ying River in rural seclusion. The emperor offered the throne to him, which he refused. Subsequently he washed out his ears to remove the filth of such an offer and offense against his better judgment.

Emperor Yao: (2356-2255 BC) Legendary ruler, and considered one of the great Five Emperors. Believed to be a good example of a morally correct sage-king. Supposedly ruled for 99 years.

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