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Li Bai Poem: Song of a General after the Break-through – 李白《从军行》








[1] 突营:突围。

[2] 呼延:匈奴中地位仅次于左右贤王的四大贵族之一。诗中代指敌人的中军主将。

Song of a General after the Break-through

Li Bai

After a hundred battles, his armor is worn,

The southern town surrounded ring on ring in the morn.

When he breaks through and kills the chief of Tartar peers,

He comes back with a thousand beaten cavaliers.

This quatrain describes a general with his armor outworn and his cavaliers beaten after a breakthrough.


Two Songs from the Army” is a group poem by Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty. The first poem is a five-character poem about the experiences and feelings of a soldier in battle and his desire to achieve peace by conquering and killing the enemy. The second poem is a seven-line stanza, which describes the heroic deeds of the Tang army in the siege with a simple and evocative writing, and passionately praises the patriotic spirit of the soldiers of the border court who fought in blood and defended their country. The poem reflects the author’s desire to serve the country and build up his career from the side.

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