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Thinking of Xin in South Pavilion on a Summer's Day -Meng Haoran (孟浩然)

Thinking of Xin in South Pavilion on a Summer’s Day
Meng Haoran

孟浩然 〔唐代〕

感此怀故人,中宵劳梦想。(中 一作:终)

Mountain glow sudden west set
Pond moon gradually east up
Loose hair enjoy evening cool
Open window lie idle spacious
Lotus wind carry scent air
Banboo dew drip clear sound
Wish fetch sound qin pluck
Regret not perceive sound appreciate
Feel this think of old friend
Whole night labour dream think
The glow on western mountains quickly sets,
The moon is climbing over the eastern lake.
My hair loose, I enjoy the evening cool,
I lie in peace before the open window.
The wind spreads lotus scent all through the air,
The sound of dripping bamboo dew is clear.
Although I’d like to fetch my qin and play,
To my regret, there is no-one to hear.
So touched by this, I think of my old friend,
Throughout the night, I’m troubled by my dreams.
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