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Bai Juyi: Da Lin Temple Peach Blossoms

Da Lin Temple Peach Blossoms

大 林 寺 桃 花
人 间 四 月 芳 菲 尽
山 寺 桃 花 始 盛 开。
长 恨 春 归 无 觅 处
不 知 转 入 此 中 来。
Da Lin Si Tao Hua

Ren jian si yue fang fei jin
Shan si tao hua shi cheng kai.                                                                                         Chang hen chun gui wu mi chu
Bu zhi zhuan ru ci zhong lai.


Da Lin Temple Peach Blossoms

Fourth lunar month, city people miss the rich and fragrant flowers
But the mountain temple peach blossoms just beginning to open.

Long regret missing out on the return of spring pleasures
Did not realize by coming here, one can be reborn and returned.



Da Lin temple: Buddhist temple located in the city of Jiangyin at the foot of Mt. Qingming.

Peach blossoms: The mere mention of peach blossoms in ancient Chinese poetry always alludes to Tao Yuanming, and his poem Peach Blossom Springhead.  Both can be found on this website.

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