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Bai Juyi: Early Autumn River Tower

Early Autumn River Tower

江 楼 早 秋
南 国 虽 多 热
秋 来 亦 不 迟。
湖 光 朝 霁 后
竹 气 晚 凉 时。
楼 阁 宜 佳 客
江 山 入 好 诗。
清 风 水 频 叶
白 露 木 兰 枝。
欲 作 云 泉 计
须 营 伏 腊 资。
匡 庐 一 步 地
官 满 更 何 之?
Jiang Lou Zao Qiu

Nan guo sui duo re
Qiu lai yi bu chi.
Hu guang zhao ji hou
Zhu qi wan liang shi.

Lou ge yi jia ke
Jiang shan ru hao shi.
Qing feng shui pin ye
Bai lu mu lan zhi.

Yu zuo yun quan ji
Xu ying fu la zi
Kuang lu yi bu di
Guan man geng he zhi?


Early Autumn River Tower

Although this southern region of the country is very hot
Autumn also does not arrive late.
At dawn, the lake scenery clears up after the rain
Bamboo air cool this late in the season.

Appropriate to have beautiful guests for these towers and pavilions
Rivers and mountains can enter into our fine poems.
Clear breezes and water stir the clover fern leaves
White dew upon the tulip tree branches.

Desires come forth, need to plan for clouds and springheads
Have to gather the funds to make the offerings for the gods before the twelfth lunar month.
My condition reveals a small plot of dirt and a thatched hut
When this government position is completed, what kind of experience will come next?

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