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Bai Juyi: Hangzhou Outskirts Beyond Compare

Hanzhou Outskirts Beyond Compare

余 杭 形 胜
余 杭 形 胜 四 方 无
州 傍 青 山 县 枕 湖。
绕 郭 荷 花 三 十 里
拂 城 松 树 一 千 株。
梦 儿 亭 古 传 名 谢
教 妓 楼 新 道 姓 苏。
独 有 使 君 年 太 老
Yu Hang Xing Sheng

Yu hang xing sheng si fang wu
Zhou bang qing shan xian zhen hu.
Rao guo he hua san shi li
Fu cheng song shu yi qian zhu.

Meng er ting gu zhuan ming xie
Jiao ji lou xin dao xing su.
Du you shi jun nian tai lao
Feng guang bu chen bai zi xu.


Hangzhou Outskirts Beyond Compare

No where else is the government grid layout like the outskirts of Hangzhou
This prefecture section close to the green mountains and a pillowed lake.
For five miles around, abundant lotus flowers along the outer walls
One thousand pine trees and plants embrace this part of the city.

Ancient Meng Er pavilion visited by those who have lost their young children
Another building, teachers and dancers to be like the famous Su.
Old and with no children present, where are the younger people
I am not a good match for this beautiful scenery.



Meng Er: Literally means the dreams of children.

The famous Su: Probably referring to the Song Dynasty poet Su Dongpo.  One of the embankments stretching across the southern part of West Lake is named after him.  His work and biographical information can be found on this website.

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