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Bai Juyi: Imperial Concubine

Bai Juyi: Imperial Concubine Poem

后 宫 词
泪 尽 罗 巾 梦 不 成
夜 深 前 殿 按 歌 声。
红 颜 未 老 恩 先 断
斜 倚 薰 笼 坐 到 明。
Hou Gong Ci

Lei jin luo jin meng bu cheng
Ye shen qian dian an ge sheng.

Hong yan wei lao en xian duan
Xie yi xun long zuo dao ming.

Imperial Concubine Poem

Tears used up the silk gauze cloth, dreams not achieved
Deep in the night at the front of the palace, subdued singing voice.

Pink face not yet old, earlier royal kindnesses and attention have stopped
Up until daybreak, leaning to one side, put her handkerchiefs to dry near the small ceramic stove.



Hou Gong: literally means the rear living quarters in the palace for the emperor’s concubines

Front of the palace: This lady not one of the emperor’s favorites now. Those concubines live deep inside the palace walls

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