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Bai Juyi: In Henan During a Time of Chaos

In Henan During a Time of Chaos

自 河 南 经 乱,关 内 阻 饥,兄 第 离 散,各 在 一 处。
因 望 月 有 感,聊 书 所 怀,寄 上 浮 梁 大 兄,
於 潜 七 兄,乌 江 十 五 兄,兼 示 符 离 及 下 邽 第 妹
时 难 年 饥 世 业 空
第 兄 羁 旅 各 西 东。
田 园 廖 落 干 戈 后
骨 肉 流 离 道 路 中。
吊 影 分 为 千 里 雁
辞 根 散 作 九 秋 蓬 。
共 看 明 月 应 垂 泪
一 夜 乡 心 五 处 同。
Zi He Nan Jing Luan, Guan Nei Zu Ji, Xiong Di Li San, Ge Zai Yi Chu. Yin Wang Yue You Gan, Liao Shu Suo Huai, Ji Shang Fu Liang Da Xiong, Wu Qian Qi Xiong, Wu Jiang Shi Wu Xiong, Jian Shi Fu Li Ji Xia Gui Di Mei

Shi nan nian ji shi ye kong
Di xiong ji lu ge xi dong.
Tian yuan liao luo gan ge hou
Gu rou liu li dao lu zhong.

Diao ying fen wei qian li yan
Ci gen san zuo jiu qiu peng.
Gong kan ming yue ying chui lei
Yi ye xiang xin wu chu tong.

In Henan During a Time of Chaos at Our Borders, Blocked From Seeing My Scattered Family Members. Gaze Into the Distance at the Moon, Feeling and Thinking of You, I Write This Letter to My Older Brother in Fuliang, and Then Pass This Along to Other Family Members

Difficult times, years of hunger and the society has already been emptied
From east to west, younger and older siblings along with cousins had
most everything.
Now the few fields and gardens in decline amidst fighting and battle axes
Flesh and blood scattered along paths and highways.

All of us lonely, separate shadows like the wild gees traveling hundred of miles
Like several autumn seeds dispersed to the winds.
We see the same moonlight, respond with falling tears
One hometown evening, we all dwell in the same conditions.



Henan: Modern day province of China

Fuliang: Located in present day Jiangxi Province



This poem was written in the year 779, while Bai was visiting his mother in the capital city of Loyang.

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