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Bai Juyi: Lan Qiao Post Station

Lan Qiao Post Station

蓝 桥 驿 见 元 九 诗
蓝 桥 春 雪 君 归 日
秦 岭 秋 风 我 去 时。
每 到 驿 亭 先 下 马
循 墙 绕 柱 觅 君 诗。
Lan Qiao Yi Jian Jiu Shi

Lan qiao chun xue jun gui ri
Qin ling qiu feng wo qu shi.                                                                                                   Mei dao yi ting xian xia ma
Xun qiang rao zhu mi jun shi.


Lan Qiao Post Station to See Several Temples

You returned here at Lan Qiao last spring during a snowstorm
I came back here while going out, when the autumn winds blew through the Qinling mountains.                                                                                                                  At every post station arrival, I dismount my horse to see if you have written a poem here
Follow the walls, seeking the post that contains your words.



Qinling Mountains: Also known as the Southern Mountains, they are an east-west mountain range in southern Shaanxi Province.

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