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Bai Juyi: Thinking of Autumn

Thinking of Autumn

秋 思
夕 照 红 于 烧
晴 空 碧 胜 蓝。
兽 形 云 不 一
弓 势 月 初 三。
雁 思 来 天 北
砧 愁 满 水 南。
萧 条 秋 气 味
未 老 已 深 谙。
Qiu Si

Xi zhao hong yu shao
Qing kong bu sheng lan.
Shou xing yun bu yi
Gong shi yue chu san.

Yan si lai tian bei
Zhen chou man shui nan.
Xiao tiao qiu qi wei
Wei lao yi shen an.


Thinking of Autumn

Sunset brilliance like burning fire
Cloudless sky a wonderful bluish-green.
Clouds arrive, each one looking like a different animal
Third day after a new moon, it appears as a fully-drawn bow.

Thinking of the migrant geese arriving from the north
To the south, sorrow-filled laundry pounding sounds along the river.
Autumn weather and scents desolate and bleak.
I am old enough to deeply and profoundly know my season is getting late.

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