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Du Fu: Arrival of Snow

Arrival of Snow

对 雪
战 哭 多 新 鬼
愁 吟 独 老 翁。
乱 云 低 薄 暮
急 雪 舞 迴 风。
瓢 弃 樽 无 绿
炉 存 火 似 红。
数 州 消 息 断
愁 坐 正 书 空。
Dui Xue

Zhan ku duo xin gui
Chou yin du lao weng.
Luan yun di bo mu
Ji xue wu hui feng.

Piao qi zun wu lu
Lu cun huo si hong.
Shu zhou xiao xi duan
Chou zuo sheng shu kong.


Arrival of Snow

Warfare casualties, many new spirits loose
Lone old man laments with melancholy.
Unorganized clouds, low and thin at sunset
Sudden snowfall dances in the circling winds.

Leftover ladles and vessels without wine
Remaining stoves cold and unstained.
Numerous districts and regions without coherent information
Sit around with sorrow and empty uncertainties.



[Written in the winter of 755 AD, Du Fu got stuck in the capital city of Chang’an when An Lushan and his army of rebels took over the capital. Du and other low level government officials were placed under arrest and forced to stay in guarded temples.]

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