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Du Fu: Cherish Journal Writing

Cherish Journal Writing

旅 夜 书 怀
细 草 微 风 岸
危 樯 独 夜 舟。
星 垂 平 野 阔
月 涌 大 江 流。
名 岂 文 章 著
官 应 老 病 休。
飘 飘 何 所 似?
天 地 一 沙 鸥。
Lu Ye Shu Huai

Xi cao wei feng an
Wei qiang du ye zhou
Xing chui ping ye kuo
Yue yong da jiang liu.

Ming qi wen zhang zhu
Guan ying lao bing xiu.
Piao piaohe suo si?
Tian di yi sha ou.

Cherish Evening Journal Writing

Light breezes through delicate riverbank grasses
Single boat, in the evening lower the mast.
Stars near the vast and flat open country
Moon rises on the wide river flows.

Being famous for composing poems and essays not enough
Government officials should earn enough before retiring or
succumbing to illness.
What place can I find to avoid the irrelevance and superficial?
I am just one sandbar seagull between heaven and earth.



One of my favorite, and widely-read of Du Fu poems.  It has the perception and appreciation of beauty, as well as his philosophical insights.

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