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Du Fu: Come Into a Small Boat

Come Into a Small Boat

进 厅
南 京 久 客 耕 南 亩
北 望 伤 神 坐 北 窗。
昼 引 老 妻 乘 小 艇
晴 看 稚 子 浴 清 江。
俱 飞 蛱 蝶 元 相 逐
幷 蒂 芙 蓉 本 自 双。
茗 饮 蔗 浆 携 所 有
瓷 罂 无 谢 玉 为 缸。
Jin Ting

Nan jing jiu ke geng nan mu
Bei wang shang shen zuo bei chuang.
Zhou yin lao qi cheng xiao ting
Qing kan zhi zi yu qing jiang.

Ju fei jia die yuan xiang zhu
Bing di fu rong ben zi shuang.
Ming yin zhe jiang xie suo you
Ci ying wu xie yu wei gang.


Come Into a Small Boat

With a new southern capital, this visitor cultivates his land
Gaze north into the distance as a wounded deity sitting by the northern windows.
Daytime my old wife and I ride in our small boat
Clear river water, see young children bathe and swim.

Reddish-brown butterflies all fly to each other’s nest
Side by side in pairs they visit stems and fruit of the cottonrose hibiscus.
We frequent the places that serve sugarcane syrupy drinks
Porcelain small-mouthed jars equal to the capital jade jars.

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