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Du Fu: Crazy Man

Crazy Man

狂 夫
万 里 桥 西 一 草 堂
百 花 潭 水 即 沧 浪。
风 含 翠 篠 娟 娟 淨
雨 裹 红 蕖 再 再 香。
厚 禄 故 人 书 断 绝
恒 饥 稚 子 色 凄 凉。
欲 填 沟 壑 惟 疏 放
自 笑 狂 夫 老 更 狂!
Kuang Fu

Wan li qiao xi yi cao tang
Bai hua tan shui ji cang lang.
Feng han cui xiao juan juan jing
Yu guo hong qu zai zai xiang.

Hou lu gu ren shu duan jue
Heng ji zhi zi se qi liang.
Yu tian gou he wei shu fang
Zi xiao kuang fu lao geng kuang!


Crazy Man

To the west, at the thousand mile bridge, my thatched house
Deep pool and dark blue waves nourish one hundred flowers.
Wind contained in green dwarf bamboo, very graceful and clean
Rain moves one, red lotus blooms again and again with their fragrance.

Rich intellectuals do not write to scattered and used up Du Fu
My immature children permanently hungry, with expressions of bleakness and cold.
Wandering about by themselves, if they fall into a ditch, they will never return
Naturally laughs at himself, this old and crazy man.



It would difficult to say that Du Fu lacks self-realization.

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