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Du Fu: From the Capital Go to Fengxian, Express Sentiments in This Five Hundred Word Poetic Form (Part 1)

From the Capital Go to Fengxian, Express Sentiments in This Five Hundred Word Poetic Form (Part 1)

Part 1:
杜 陵 有 布 衣
老 大 意 转 拙
许 身 一 何 愚
窃 比 稷 与 契。
居 然 成 濩 落
白 首 甘 契 阔。
盖 棺 事 则 已
此 志 常 觊 豁。
穷 年 忧 黎 元
叹 息 肠 内 热。
取 笑 同 学 翁
浩 歌 弥 激 烈。
非 无 江 海 志
潇 洒 送 日 月。
生 逢 尧 舜 君
不 忍 更 永 诀。
当 今 廊 庙 具
构 厦 岂 云 缺。
葵 藿 倾 太 阳
物 性 固 难 夺。
顾 惟 蝼 蚁 辈
但 自 求 其 穴。
胡 为 慕 大 鲸
辄 拟 偃 溟 渤。
以 兹 悟 生 理
独 耻 事 干 谒。
兀 兀 遂 至 今
忍 为 尘 埃 没。
终 愧 巢 与 由
未 能 易 其 节。
沉 饮 聊 自 适
放 歌 破 愁 绝。
Zi Jing Fu Feng Xian Xian Yong Huai Wu Bai Zi

Du ling you bu yi
Lao da yi zhuan zhuo
Xu shen yi he yu
Qie bi ji yu qi.

Ju ren cheng huo luo
Bai shou gan qi kuo.
Gai guan shi ze yi
Ci zhi chang ji huo.

Qiong nian you li yuan
Tan xi chang nei re.
Qu xiao tong xue weng
Hao ge mi ji lie.

Fei wu jiang hai zhi
Xiao sa song ri yue.
Sheng feng yao shun jun
Bu ren geng yong jue.

Dang jin lang miao ju
Gou sha qi yun que.
Kui huo qing tai yang
Wu xing gu nan duo.

Gu wei lou yi bei
Dan zi qiu qi xue.
Hu wei mu da jing
Zhe ni yan ming bo.

Yi zi wu sheng li
Du chi shi gan ye.
Wu wu sui zhi jin
Ren wei chen ai mei.

Zhong kui chao yu you
Wei neng yi qi jie.
Chen yin liao bai shi
Fang ge po chou jue.


From the Capital Go to Fengxian Prefecture, Express Sentiments in This Five Hundred Word Poetic Form
Part 1:

I am in Duling with coarse-cloth clothes
Older now, anticipate awkwardness of mind and body.
Refusing An Lushan’s job offer, my life is loyal, yet humble
Inside I am like the leaders Ji and Qi.

Actually I have become less useful as I descend the bureaucratic ladder
White-haired, willing to accept my fate.
Cover my coffin, too late to change my destiny
Hope they remember me for what I am.

During my years of poverty, still concerned about the country
My insides are hot and full of turmoil.
My peers laugh at me, tell me I am too old for government positions
Even more, they ride me for writing these grandiose songs.

Without a desire to freely travel the rivers and seas
And be fine enough to send off the sun and moon.
These times are like when Yao and Shun reigned
Cannot endure going into rural seclusion now.

Now I should use my skills in the royal court
But without vacancies they do not need me to help construct the country.
Big flowered plants and their leaves follow the sun
Like them, I wait for the sun, difficult to force the issues.

I am to them like the crickets and ants
Yet I seek to work beyond the ant hills.
Long to make myself a large whale
To often imitate and lay down very large ocean waves.

I know how to use my knowledge of human nature
One shame because I have to ask for a job with hat in hand.
Until now had to be satisfied spinning my wheels
Endure dust and dirt without any protection.

Eventually not proud of missing the life of the hermits Chao and You
Not yet able to change myself to imitate them.
Deeply drink, somewhat naturally at ease
Sing songs to let go of damaging anxieties and desperation.



Fengxian Prefecture: Northwest section of Jiangsu Province.

Duling: Tomb area to the southeast, and near the capital city of Chang’an. Buried place for Emperor Xuan of the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD).

An Lushan: (c. 703-757) Northern non-Han general who led the rebellion against the Tang Dynasty in 756.

Chao and You: Hermit Chao lived during the reign of Emperor Hui (r. 290-306). Famous for refusing an appointment as governor of Lingling. Hermit You lived during the reign of Emperor Yao (2356-2255 BC). His place of seclusion was next to the Ying River. You refused an offer to become emperor after Yao. He famously washed out his ears from the river water after hearing of this offer. See the link for Xu You.

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