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Du Fu: Headwaters of the Chu River Melancholy

Headwaters of the Chu River Melancholy

哀 江 头
少 陵 野 老 吞 声 哭
春 日 潜 行 曲 江 曲。
江 头 宫 殿 锁 千 门
细 柳 新 蒲 为 谁 绿 ?
忆 昔 霓 旌 下 南 苑
苑 中 万 物 生 颜 色。
昭 阳 殿 里 第 一 人
同 辇 随 君 侍 君 侧。
辇 前 才 人 带 弓 箭
白 马 嚼 啮 黄 金 勒。
翻 身 向 天 仰 射 云
一 笑 正 坠 双 飞翼。
明 眸 皓 齿 今 何 在?
血 污 游 魂 归 不 得。
清 渭 东 流 剑 阁 深
去 住 彼 此 无 消 息。
人 生 有 情 泪 沾 臆
江 水 江 花 岂 终 极?
黄 昏 胡 骑 尘 满 城
欲 往 城 南 望 城 北。
Ai Jiang Tou

Shao ling ye lao tun sheng ku
Chun ri qian xing qu jiang qu.
Jiang tou gong dian suo qian men
Xi liu xin pu wei shei lu?

Yi xi ni jing xia nan yuan
Yuan zhong wan wu sheng yan se.
Zhao yang dian li di yi ren
Tong nian sui jun shi jun ce.

Nian qian cai ren dai gong jian
Bai ma jiao nie huang jin lei.
Fan shen xiang tian yang she yun
Yi xiao zheng zhui shuang fei yi.

Ming mou hao chi jin he zai?
Xue wu you hun gui bu dei.
Qing wei dong liu jian ge shen
Qu zhu bi ci wu xiao xi.

Ren sheng you qing lei zhan yi
Jiang shui jiang hua qi zhong ji?
Huang hun hu qi chen man cheng
Yu wang cheng nan wang cheng bei.


Headwaters of the Chu River Melancholy

With a loss of reputation, in the hinterlands my soft sounds of crying
Spring days, travel under cover following the zig-zags of the Qu River.
At river headwaters, palace halls abandoned with a thousand locked doors
Exquisite willows and fresh cattails have been made green for whom?

Recall former days, the imperial rainbow banners below the
southern orchards
In the middle of their gardens were thousands of colorful things.
Inside the Sun Palace, the Han emperor had his number one and
favorite concubine.
In the same imperial carriage they leaned against each other.

In front of the imperial carriage the female attendants carry belts of
bows and arrows
The white horses have halters of golden straps.
These ladies look towards the sky and into the clouds
With one smile, a pair of flying birds quickly brought to the ground.

Where are these bright and white teeth now?
Killed by the palace guard, her soul escaped, never to return.
Clear Wei River flows to the east, his Jian Pavilion deep and hidden
Residing apart, both disappear without a breath, or a trace.

Human experience has emotional teardrops that moistens the chest
In the end don’t river waters and flowers live on?
At sunset, barbarian horses fill the city with their dust and dirt
See into the future, hope to go towards southern city walls.



Chu River: Anhui Province

Wei River:  Major tributary to the Yellow River near Chang’an (Xi’an).

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