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Du Fu: Sent Off Far Away

Sent Off Far Away

送 远
带 甲 满 天 地
胡 为 君 远 行?
亲 朋 尽 一 哭;
鞍 马 去 孤 城。
草 木 岁 月 晚
关 河 霜 雪 清。
别 离 已 昨 日
因 见 古 人 情。
Song Yuan

Dai jia man tian di
Hu wei jun yuan xing?
Qin peng jin yi ku;
An ma qu gu cheng.

Cao mu sui yue wan
Guan he shuang xue qing.
Bie li yi zuo ri
Yin jian gu ren qing.


Sent Off Far Away

From heaven to earth, full armor constantly displayed
Why do you now go away and travel so far?
One crying event for all your friends and relatives
Saddled horsed leaves a single city.

Time of year and month when the trees and grasses transform
Past rivers and mountain passes full of clear frost and snow.
Already your departure feels like it was just yesterday
The people from ancient times had these same emotions.

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