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Du Fu: Traveled to Pengya: Part 2

Traveled to Pengya: Part 2

Part 2:
少 留 同 家 洼
欲 出 芦 子 关。
故 人 有 孙 宰
高 义 薄 层 云。
延 客 已 曛 黑
张 灯 启 重 门。
煖 汤 濯 我 足
剪 纸 招 我 魂。
从 此 出 妻 孥
相 视 涕 阑 干。
众 雏 烂 漫 睡
唤 起 沾 盘 餐。
誓 将 与 夫 子
永 结 为 弟 昆。
遂 空 所 坐 堂
安 居 奉 我 欢。
谁 肯 艰 难 际
豁 达 露 心 肝。
别 来 岁 月 周
胡 羯 仍 构 患。
何 当 有 翅 翎
飞 去 堕 尔 前。


Peng Ya Xing

Shao liu tong jia wa
Yu chu lu zi guan.
Gu ren you sun zai
Gao yi bao ceng yun.

Yan ke yi xun hei
Zhang deng qi chong men.
Nuan tang zhuo wo zu
Jian zhi zhao wo hun.

Cong ci chu qi nu
Xiang shi ti lan gan.
Zhong chu lan man shui
Huan qi zhan pan can.

Shi jiang yu fu zi
Yong jie wei di kun.
Sui kong suo zuo tang
An ju feng wo huan.

Shei ken jian nan ji
Huo da lu xin gan
Bie ai sui yue zhou
Hu jie reng gou huan.
He dang you chi ling
Fei qu duo er qian.

Traveled to Pengya: Part 2

Close to Pengya, our family stays in my friend’s second house
Feel like I need to go to Luzi Guan.
Have a good friend there, Mayor Sun
His loyalty superior, with abilities like overlapping clouds.

So many refugees taken in by him, over his front door black soot
from their lamp torches
Put down my light source, all doors opened, many indoor lamps.
Boiling water to warm up and wash our feet
Arriving after midnight, he posted a notice outside for our souls
to join us inside.

Wife and children come out of their anxieties
Looking at each other, tears stop and begin to dry up.
All of the children sleep without a stir
Call out to them to arise to eat some food.

I swear to you because you helped my family and I
Forever will be younger and older brothers.
You even opened up your large living room for us
Allowing us to stay over in this safe and peaceful place has brought
us a lot of joy.

These are very difficult and arduous times
Your generosity and open heart moved me.
For a while in the past I departed from you
The Xiongnu still stirring up troubles.
When I deserve to have wings and feathers
I could fly to you and discuss our new fates.



Other notes and commentary can be found after Part 1.

Luzi Guan: Chinese Warrior God.

Xiongnu: Confederation of northern Mongolian nomads.

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