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Du Mu: Back On the Road

Back on the Road

途 中 作
绿 树 南 阳 道
千 峰 势 远 随。
碧 溪 风 澹 态
芳 树 雨 余 姿。
野 渡 云 初 暖
征 人 袖 半 垂。
残 花 不 一 醉
Tu Zhong Zuo

Lu shu nan yang dao
Qian feng shi yuan sui.
Bi xi feng dan tai
Fang shu yu yu zi.

Ye du yun chu nuan
Zheng ren xiu ban chui
Can hua bu yi zui
Xing yue shi he shi.

Back On the Road

Green trees along the highway to Nanyang
Distant one thousand peaks, their outward appearances follow me.
Bluish-green streams and breezes in a state of tranquility
Fragrant trees in the rain, reveal more than gesture and appearance.

Clouds moving across the open country, earth beginning to warm
Long journey travelers with sleeves informally half hanging down.
Why not have one more drink to the flower remnants
Tis the season to happily travel.



Nanyang:  City located in Henan Province.

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