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Du Mu: Blue Clouds Inn

Blue Clouds Inn

题 青 云 馆
虬 蟠 千 仞 剧 羊 肠
天 府 由 来 百 二 强。
四 皓 有 芝 轻 汉 祖
张 仪 无 地 与 怀 王。
云 连 帐 影 萝 阴 合
枕 绕 泉 声 客 梦 凉。
深 外 会 容 高 尚 者
水 苗 三 顷 百 株 桑。
Ti Qing Yun Guan

Qiu pan qian ren ju yang chang
Tian fu you lai bai er qiang.
Si hao you zhi qing han zu
Zhang yi wu di yu huai wang.

Yun lian zhang ying luo yin he
Zhen rao quan sheng ke meng liang.
Shen chu hui rong gao shang zhe
Shui miao san qing bai zhu sang.

Blue Clouds Inn

One thousand feet of coiled and curled rock precipices with
narrow winding paths.
Up to now, of one hundred places, these two strong enough to attract heaven.
The Four Hermits from the Han Dynasty times very clever
Without land, Zhang Yi gives advice to the emperor.

Connected clouds, this place of curtain and vine shadows come together
Curled around a pillow, visitors with cool dreams and springhead sounds.
Secluded intellectuals and artists come together to live deep within this place
Three hundred mu of irrigated sprouts and mulberry trees.



Four Hermits: Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) group of four old men known as the Four Graybeards. They withdrew from government service to live in the Chang mountains. Refusing to return and serve the emperor, they later became inspirational for non-participation and non-cooperation with the criminal and corrupt.

Zhang Yi: (ca. 329-309 BC): Famous military strategist that helped the Qin to unite the surrounding small kingdoms into a unified China.

Mu: One sixth of an acre.

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