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Du Mu: Chizhou Clear Water Stream

Chizhou Clear Water Stream

池 州 清 溪
弄 溪 终 日 到 黄 昏
照 数 秋 来 白 发 根。
何 物 赖 君 千 遍 洗
笔 头 尘 土 渐 无 痕。
Chi Zhou Qing Xi

Nong xi zhong ri dao huang hun
Zhao shu qiu lai bai fa gen.                                                                                                      He wu lai jun qian bian xi
Bi tou chen tu jian wu hen.


Chizhou Clear Water Stream

End of the day, approaching twilight and still playing in the stream
Autumn clarity arrives, can count the white hairs on my head.

I Depend less and less upon having to wash my brush one thousand times
Brush tip with stains flow away without a trace.



Chizhou: City located in Anhui Province.



Part of line number three could also include Du Mu washing his mind, as well as his writing brush.

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