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Du Mu: Luoyang


洛 阳
文 征 武 战 就 神 功
时 似 开 元 天 宝 中。
已 建 玄 戈 收 相 土
应 回 翠 帽 过 离 宫。
侯 门 草 满 宜 寒 免
洛 浦 沙 深 见 塞 鸿。
疑 有 女 娥 西 望 处
上 阳 烟 树 正 秋 风。
Luo Yang

Wen zheng wu zhan jiu shen gong
Shi si kai yuan tian bao zhong.
Yi jian xuan ge shou xiang tu
Ying hui cui mao guo li gong.

Hou men cao man yi han mian
Luo pu sha shen jian sai hong.
Yi you nu e xi wang chu
Shang yang yan shu zheng qiu feng.



The culture required military organization that brought deity blessings
Amid the early and late periods of the reign of Emperor Xuanzong.
Halberds needed to subdue ethnic factions within the empire
Xuanzong could leave the palace with his entourage in peace.

Door and gates of the nobility weed-covered, empty and cold
Deep riverside and estuary sand, strategic border stronghold geese.
Ancient times young women at this spot gazed far west into the distance
Nowadays bright mists upon the trees, straight autumn winds blow.



Emperor Xuanzong:(685-762) Famous and long-reigning emperor of the Tang Dynasty.(r. 712-756).

Halberds: Two-handed pole weapon that is both a battle-axe and spear.

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