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Du Mu: Scholar Yan At a Tall Pavilion

Scholar Yuan At a Tall Pavilion

题 元 处 士 高 亭
水 接 西 江 天 外 声
小 斋 松 影 拂 云 平。
何 人 教 我 吹 长 笛
与 倚 春 风 弄 月 明。
Ti Yuan Chu Shi Gao Ting

Shui jie xi jiang tian wai sheng
Xiao zhai song ying fu yun ping.                                                                                            He ren jiao wo chui chang di
Yu yi chun feng nong yue ming.


Scholar Yuan at a Tall Pavilion

Outside heaven sounds, western rivers join here
Small fasting room, pine tree shadows touch the level clouds.

Which person can teach me to play the long flute
Partial to joining the spring winds, playing with the moonlight.

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