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Du Mu: Send As a Departure Gift: Two Poems

Send As Departure Gift: Two Poems

赠 别 :二 首
娉 娉 袅 袅 十 三 馀
豆 蔻 梢 头 二 月 初。
春 风 十 里 扬 州 路
卷 上 珠 帘 总 不 如。
Zeng Bie: Er Shou


Ping ping niao niao shi san yu
Dou kou shao tou er yue chu.
Chun feng shi li yang zhou lu
Juan shang zhu lian zong bu ru.


Send As a Departure Gift: Two Poems


Young teenage girls move with graceful demeanor
Early in the second month, round cardamon tips emerge.
Three miles around Yangzhou, falling flower petals on the spring wind
Rolled up pearl curtains reveal her as the best.



多 情 却 似 总 无 情
唯 觉 樽 前 笑 不 成。
蜡 烛 有 心 还 惜 别
替 人 垂 泪 到 天 明。



Duo qing que si zong wu qing
Wei jue zun qian xiao bu cheng
La zhu you xin huan xi bie
Ti ren chui lei dao tian ming.



Many emotions lost, the girls regard me without any feelings
Only sense the wine vessels not able to produce laughter.
Wax candles have hearts, they do not want me to depart
Daybreak arrived, candles like people, with tears running down.



Yangzhou:  A city located in Jiangsu, it straddles the Grand Canal on the northern banks of the Changjiang.

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