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Du Mu: Wu River Pavilion

Wu River Pavilion

题 乌 江 亭
胜 败 兵 家 事 不 期
包 羞 忍 耻 是 男 儿。                                                                                            江 东 子 弟 多 才 俊
卷 土 重 来 未 可 知。
Ti Wu Jiang Ting

Sheng bai bing jia shi bu qi
Bao xiu ren chi shi nan er.                                                                                                        Jiang dong zi di duo cai jun
Juan tu chong lai wei ke zhi.


Wu River Pavilion

This military commander never thought he could be defeated
Young men cannot endure this overwhelming shame and humiliation. Those east of the river like him are young, talented and handsome
You did not realize that you could have staged a comeback.



Wu River:  Largest southern tributary to the Changjiang. Located in Hubei Province.

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