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Han Yu: Ancestral Banquet

Ancestral Banquet

祖 席
祖 席 洛 桥 边
亲 交 共 黯 然。
野 晴 山 簇 簇
霜 晓 菊 鲜 鲜。
书 寄 相 思 处
杯 衔 欲 别 前。
淮 阳 知 不 薄
终 愿 早 回 船。
Zu Xi

Zu xi luo qiao bian
Qin jiao gong an ran.
Ye qing shan cu cu
Shuang xiao ju xian xian.

Shu ji xiang si chu
Bei xian yu bie qian.
Huai yang zhi bu bo
Zhong yuan zao hui chuan.


Ancestral Banquet

Ancestral banquet alongside a bridge over the Luo River
Close friends hand-in-hand, together sad and downcast.
Open country with sunny hills clustered together
Daybreak frosty chrysanthemums very fresh and tender.

Depend on posted letters to stay in contact with each other
Before our departures, want to cherish every cup.
Compared to Huai Yang, your new post not too bad
I wish that eventually you will return in a boat.



Luo River:  Tributary to the Yellow River east of Chang’an (Xi’an).

Huai Yang:  Area located in Henan Province. Famous for its cuisine.

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