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Han Yu: Begin to Float the Southern Streams

Begin to Float the Southern Streams

南 溪 始 泛
南 溪 亦 清 驶
而 无 楫 与 舟。
山 农 惊 见 之
随 我 观 不 休。
不 惟 儿 童 辈
或 有 杖 白 头。
馈 我 笼 中 瓜
劝 我 此 淹 留。
我 云 以 病 归
此 已 颇 自 由。
幸 有 用 余 俸
置 居 在 西 畴。
囷 仑 来 谷 满
未 有 旦 夕 忧。
上 去 无 得 得
下 来 亦 悠 悠。
但 恐 烦 里 闾
时 有 缓 急 投。
愿 为 同 社 人
鸡 豚 燕 春 秋。


Nan Xi Shi Fan

Nan xi yi qing shi
Er wu ji yu zhou.
Shan nong jing jian zhi
Sui wo guan bu xiu.

Bu wei er tong bei
Huo you zhang bai tou.
Kui wo long zhong gua
Quan wo ci yan liu.

Wo yun yi bing gui
Ci yi po zi you.
Xing you yong yu feng
Zhi ju zai xi chou.

Qun lun lai gu man
Wei you dan xi you.
Shang qu wu de de
Xia lai yi you you.

Dan kong fan li lu
Shi you huan ji tou.
Yuan wei tong she ren
Ji tun yan chun qiu.


Begin to Float the Southern Streams

Southern streams very clear for those in boats
Many boats without oars.
Mountain peasants startled to see me
They follow me to make non-stop observations.

Not only me, but families in rank order
White haired people with their canes.
Present a gift to me, a basket of squash
All encourage me to stay for a long visit.

I tell them to relax, because of illness I will stay here for a long time
I am to remain as long as I want.
My good fortune to have the use of a gold salary
Set up a dwelling here in the western farmlands.

My little grain silos have been fully replenished
With enough food, have no morning or afternoon worries.
No need to move up the bureaucratic ladders
Climbing down I feel far away and full of leisure.

Do not feel irritated or fearful of me at your back gates
When the time comes, may need your assistance during an emergency.
I will join you at praying and supporting the local shrines
Will attend your feasts of chickens and piglets during the spring and autumn festivals.



Western farmlands: Refers to the path taken by Tao Yuanming at the end of his life.

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