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Han Yu: Lately Talk of Zhang Zhongcheng

Lately Talk of Zhang Zhongcheng

张 中 丞 传 后 叙
元 和 二 年 四
月 十 三 日 夜。
愈 与 吴 郡 籍
阅 家 中 旧 书
得 李 翰 所 为
“张 巡 传”。
翰 以 文 章 自 名
为 此 传 颇 详 密
然 尚 恨 有 阙 者:
不 为 许 远 立 传
又 不 载 雷
万 春 事 首 尾。
Zhang Zhong Cheng Chuan Hou Xu

Yuan he er niao si
Yue shi san ri ye.
Yu yu wu jun ji
Yue jia zhong jiu shu

De li han suo wei
“Zhang Xun Zhuan”.
Han yi wen zhang zi ming
Wei ci zhuan po xiang mi

Ran shang hen you wue zhe:
Bu wei xu yuan li zhuan
You bu zai lei
Wan chun shi shou yi.


Lately Talk of Zhang Zhongcheng

Two years four months and thirteen days and evenings
Read old letters from Zhang Ji in region of Wu.
At home, read my books from the past
Li Han made some writings about Mr. Zhang’s life.

Han can naturally write chapters about this famous man
He passed on some elaborate expressions.
His accuracy stirs resentments among our enemies
And do not write poorly of captured Xu Yuan.
Also hold your brush when remembering Lei Wan Chun’s story.

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