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Li Bai: Send Off He and the Guests Returning to Zhejiang

Send Off Mr. He and the Guests Returning to Zhejiang

送 贺 宾 客 归 越
镜 湖 流 水 漾 清 波
狂 客 归 舟 逸 兴 多。
山 阴 道 士 如 相 见
应 写 黄 庭 挽 白 鹅。
Song He Bin Ke Gui Yue

Jing hu liu shui yang qing bo
Kuang ke gui zhou yi xing duo.                                                                                            Shan yin dao shi ru xiang jian
Ying xie huang ting wan bai e.


Send Off Mr. He and Guests Returning to Zhejiang

Mirror Lake music, flowing water, clear waves ripple
Wild guests return by boat, beginning of more leisure;

Shan Yang region, you are like the master calligrapher Wang Xizhe
Together compose shufa masterpieces and your pick of a select white goose.



Mirror Lake: (Jing Hu) Located in the area of Jiuzhaigou , northern Sichuan Province.  Currently a nature reserve, national park, and UNESCO site.

Shan Yang region: Presently a county in Shaanxi Province.

Calligrapher Wang Xizhe: (303-361)  Considered the greatest all masters in the art of shufa (calligraphy). Mr. Wang’s hobby of raising geese lead him to the discovery that he could turn his wrist while painting, modeled upon how his geese turned their necks.

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