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Li Bai: Sent Far Away: Twelve Poems: No. 8

Sent Faraway: Twelve Poems: No. 8

寄 远: 十 二 首


忆 昨 东 园 桃 李 红 碧 枝
与 君 此 时 初 别 离。
金 瓶 落 井 无 消 息
令 人 行 叹 复 坐 思。
坐 思 行 叹 成 楚 越
春 风 玉 颜 畏 销 歇。
碧 窗 纷 纷 下 落 花
青 楼 寂 寂 空 明 月。
两 不 见,但 相 思。
空 留 锦 学 表 心 素
至 今 緘 愁 不 敢 窥。
Ji Yuan: Shi Er Shou

Yi zuo dong yuan tao li hong bi zhi
Yu jun ci shi chu bie li.
Jin ping luo jing wu xiao xi
Ling ren xing tan fu zuo si.

Zuo si xing tan cheng chu yue
Chun feng yu yan wei xiao xie.
Bi chuang fen fen xia luo hua
Qing lou ji ji kong ming yue.

Liang bu jian, dan xiang si.
Kong liu jin xue biao xin su
Zhi jin jian chou bu gan kui.


Sent Faraway: Twelve Poems: No. 8


Recall before the eastern garden peaches and plum trees
Branches from the wall along the river
This is the first time we have been apart.
Gold jar lowered into the well without news of your condition.

Makes me pace and sigh, we are separate like Chu and Yue
Spring winds, fear your jade-pure face may fade away.
Windows bluish-green after so many flowers have fallen
In your room, lonely and bright moon in a clear sky.

The two of us cannot see one another, yet we still long for each other.
Remaining empty, she embroiders words to him, to quiet her heart-mind
Accumulated melancholy letters, now cannot write any more.



Chu nation:  Nation state ca. 1030 BC-223 BC during the Zhou Dynasty. Encompassed Hubei and Hunan Provinces, as well as parts of several others.

Yue:  Nation state during the first millennium BC, composed of the modern day provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

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