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Li Bai: Solitary and Upright Pine Trees

Solitary and Upright Pine Trees

松 柏 本 孤 直
松 柏 本 孤 直
难 为 桃 李 颜。
昭 昭 严 子 陵
垂 钓 沧 波 间。
身 将 客 星 隐
心 与 浮 云 闲。
长 揖 万 乘 君
还 归 富 春 山。
清 风 酒 六 合
邈 然 不 可 攀。
使 我 长 叹 息
冥 栖 岩 石 间。


Song Bai Ben Gu Zhi

Song bai ben gu zhi
Nan wei tao li yan.
Zhao zhao yan zi ling
Chui diao cang bo jian.

Shen jiang ke xing yin
Xin yu fu yun xian.
Chang yi wan sheng jun
Huan gui fu chun shan.

Qing feng jiu liu he
Miao ran bu ke pan.
Shi wo chang tan xi
Ming qi yan shi jian.


Solitary and Upright Pine Trees

Solitary, upright pine trees
Difficult to make into the appearances of peach and mulberry trees.
Very obvious a man of high moral integrity, Yan Ziling
Dropped his fishing line between the blue wavelets.

Most of his life, the famous star that appears and disappears
Heart-mind likes floating clouds and idleness.
Bowed low with hands clasped, he left the emperor
Went back to return to the Fu Chun mountains.

Clear breezes and wine in all six directions
So far away, difficult to climb and reach them.
For a long time I heave sighs
Dwell in obscurity between mountain boulders.



Yan Ling: (ca. 40 BC- ca. 40 AD). A famous example of a scholar declining public service, and then going into rural seclusion. He went into the Fu Chun mountains overlooking the Qiantang River near the city of Hangzhou. Here he enjoyed the beauty of  nature and went fishing. See the link for Qiujian Wandiao.


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