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Li Bai: Toad in the Crescent Moon Moving Across the Sky

Toad in the Crescent Moon Moving Across the Sky


蟾 蜍 薄 太 清
蟾 蜍 薄 太 清
蚀 此 瑶 台 月。
圆 光 亏 中 天
金 魄 逐 沦 没。
螮 蝀 人 紫 微
大 明 夷 朝 晖。
浮 云 隔 两 曜
万 象 昏 阴 霏。
潇 潇 长 门 宫
昔 是 今 已 非。
桂 蠹 花 不 实
天 霜 下 严 威。
沉 叹 终 永 夕
感 我 涕 沾 衣。
Chan Chu Bao Tai Qing

Chan chu bao tai qing
Shi ci yao tai yue.
Yuan guang kui zhong tian
Jin po zhu lun mei.

Di dong ru zi wei
Da ming yi zhao hui.
Fu yun ge liang yao
Wan xiang hun yin fei.

Xiao xiao chang men gong
Xi shi jin yi fei.
Gui du hua bu shi
Tian shuang xia yan wei.
Chen tan zhong yong xi
Gan wo ti zhan yi.

Toad in the Crescent Moon, Moving Across the Sky

Toad in the moon, now a crescent in the sky
It eats away at the moon’s jade terraces.
In the heavens, the round light is less than circular
Metal energies fade and disappear.

Rainbow goddesses like those in the palace
Dawn sunlight leveled and scattered.
Floating clouds separate the sun and moon
Everything disperses shadows at dusk.

Wind sadly rustling through palace doorways
Nation’s former glories already degraded by now.
White jasmine blooms do not bear fruit
Frost falls down, sky heavy and full of force.
Deep sighs through the endless night
Become aware of tears moistening my clothes.



Toad in the moon: Chinese mythological lunar figure. One version has this toad making the Daoist medicines of immortality, and also as the moon goddess Chang’e.

Rainbow goddesses: A two-headed dragon in Chinese mythology that takes shamanic flights in the skies.  Also can represent the sexual union of the yin and yang energies.

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