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Li Bai: Yingwu River Islet

Yingwu River Islet

鹦 鹉 洲
鹦 鹉 来 过 吴 江 水
江 上 州 传 鹦 鹉 名。
鹦 鹉 西 飞 陇 山 去
芳 洲 之 树 何 青 青。
烟 开 兰 叶 香 风 暖
岸 夹 桃 花 锦 浪 生。
迁 客 此 时 徒 极 目
长 洲 孤 月 向 谁 明?


Ying Wu Zhou

Ying wu lai guo wu jiang shui
Jiang shang zhou chuan ying wu ming.
Ying wu xi fei long shan qu
Fang zhou zhi shu he qing qing

Yan kai lan ye xiang feng nuan
An jia tao hua jin lang sheng.
Qian ke ci shi tu ji mu
Chang zhou gu yue xiang shei ming?


Yingwu River Islet

Arriving in Yingwu from Wu on the Changjiang
Many river islets above the water, Yingwu the most famous one.
Parrots depart, fly west to the Gansu mountains
Protected river islets with very green trees.

Mists open up, orchid leaves fragrant on the warm breezes
On riversides they mingle with peach blossoms to form brocade-like waves.
This visitor does not see any traces of a famous man
Long river islet, who understands this solitary moon?



Yingwu islet: Located in the estuaries of the Changjiang.

Gansu Mountains: Gansu Province.

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