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Li Qingzhao: Gentle Wind

Gentle Wind

普 萨 蛮
风 柔 日 薄 春 犹 早
夹 衫 乍 著 心 情 好。
睡 起 觉 微 寒
梅 花 鬓 上 残。
故 乡 何 处 是?
忘 了 除 非 醉。
沉 水 卧 时 烧
香 消 酒 未 消。
Pu Sa Man

Feng rou ri bao chun you zao
Jia shan zha zhu xin qing hao.
Shui qi jue wei han
Mei hua bin shang can.

Gu xiang he chu shi?
Wang le chu fei zui.
Chen shui wo shi shao
Xiang xiao jiu wei xiao.


Gentle Wind
(Southern Buddhists)

Gentle wind, cool sunlight of a still early spring
Wearing a lined blouse, good heart-mind feelings.
Arise from bed, feels a little bit cold
Plum blossoms remnants still above my temple hair.

Where is my native hometown?
Only when drunk do I forget.
Only Chen fragrant-wood incense can sink below the water
The aromas have disappeared, but the effects of wine have remained.



Chen wood: An evergreen tree native to China. It produces agarwood, a fragrant wood used for incense and medicine.

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