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Li Qingzhao: Late Spring

Late Spring

春 残
春 残 何 事 苦 思 乡?
病 里 梳 头 恨 发 长。
梁 燕 语 多 终 日 在
蔷 薇 风 细 一 帘 香。


Chun Can

Chun can he shi ku si xiang?
Bing li shu tou hen fa chang.                                                                                              Liang yan yu duo zhong ri zai
Qiang wei feng xi yi liang xiang.


Late Spring: (Spring Remnants)

Late spring, why do I suffer so thinking about hometown things?
For a long time develop resentments, sick inside combing my hair
over and over.                                                                                                                  Everyday many roof beam swallows express themselves
Only a soft wind brings rose flower fragrances through one curtain.



Swallows:  In ancient China the swallow represented man and wife as a romantic and loving couple.

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