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Li Qingzhao: My Poem Based Upon the Ode Wu Xi Zhong By the Poet Zhang Wenqian: Two Poems: No. 2

My Poem Based Upon the Ode Wu Xi Zhong By the Poet Zhang Wenqian: Two Poems: No. 2

浯 溪 中 兴 颂 诗 和 张 文 潛: 二 首
君 不 见, 惊 人 废 兴 传 天 宝
中 兴 碑 上 今 生 草。
不 知 负 国 有 奸 雄
但 说 成 功 尊 国 老。
谁 令 妃 子 天 上 来?
虢 秦 韩 国 皆 天 才。
花 桑 羯 鼓 玉 方 响
春 风 不 敢 生 尘 埃。
姓 名 谁 复 知 安 史?
健 儿 猛 将 安 眠 死。
去 天 尺 五 抱 翁 峰
峰 头 凿 出 开 元 字。
时 移 势 去 真 可 哀
奸 人 心 丑 深 如 崖。
西 蜀 万 里 尚 能 反
南 内 一 闭 何 时 开?
可 怜 孝 德 如 天 大
反 使 将 军 称 好 在。
呜 呼!
奴 辈 乃 不 能 道
辅 国 用 事 张 后 尊
乃 能 念 春 荠 长
安 作 斤 卖。


Wu Xi Zhong Xing Song Shi He Zhang Wen Qian: Er Shou


Jun bu jian, jing ren fei xing chuan tian bao
Zhong xing bei shang jin sheng cao.
Bu zhi fu guo you jian xiong
Dan shuo cheng gong zun guo lao.

Shei ling fei zi tian shang lai?
Guo qin han guo jie tian cai.
Hua sang jie gu yu fang xiang
Chun feng bu gan sheng chen ai.

Xing ming shei fu zhi an shi?
Jian er meng jiang an mian si.
Qu tian chi wu bao weng feng
Feng tou zao chu kai yuan zi.

Shi yi shi qu zhen ke ai
Jian ren xin chou shen ru ya.
Xi shu wan li shang neng fan
Nan nei yi bi shi he kai?

Ke lian xiao de ru tian da
Fan shi jiang jun chen hao zai.
Wu hu!
Nu bei nai bu neng dao
Fu guo yong shi zhang hou zun
Nai neng nian chun qi chang
An zuo jin mai.

My Poem Based Upon the Ode Wu Xi Zhong Xing by the Poet
Zhang Wenqian: Two Poems: No. 2

Can you not see scared people tear down the old, and establish the new
The old emperor replaced by his son.
Among the old stelae, weeds begin to emerge
Don’t you realize that the treacherous and powerful have deceived the
nation and it’s leaders.

They still talk about how respectable the high ministers seemed to be.
Who allowed the imperial concubine to come from heaven?
All three of her sisters dazzled him with their heavenly talents
Mulberry blossoms, exotic drums and flutes echoed in the palace.

Spring wind and all the activities with dust in the air, never to settle
Who will know again the surnames of the palace decadents?
But the strong and robust died in vain.
Five feet from heaven, on Baoweng Peak.

Chisel out the beginning and essential words of the emperor
But it is the time to mourn, as this new emperor loses fame and energy.
After fleeing thousands of miles to western Sichuan, Xuanzong still able
to turn around
When could he escape from house arrest, and live again in his southern
palace rooms?

Sympathy with filial piety has been degraded, along with heaven
Only a high-ranking eunuch can save the old and retired emperor from the insults hurled at him.
From those who do not remember or recognize him: Alas!

Like those of the peasant class, I cannot talk about this

Another powerful eunuch conspired with the new queen to run the country behind the emperor’s back.
But later she was murdered
I can only think about spring water chestnuts.
And when they were growing free and wild
But now we have to pay money for them.



Old emperor replaced by his son: Emperor Xuanzong during the Tang Dynasty.

Stelae: Upright stone slabs used as a monument or grave marker

Imperial concubine: Referring to Yang Guifei

Eunuch: Palace worker and an often dominant inside imperial political force.


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