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Li Qingzhao: Wind Stirred Dust

Wind Stirred Dust

武 陵 春
风 住 尘 香 花 已 尽
日 晚 倦 梳 头。
物 是 人 非 事 事 休。
欲 语 泪 先 流。
闻 说 双 溪 春 尚 好
也 拟 泛 轻 舟。
只 恐 双 溪 舴 艋 舟
载 不 动, 许 多 愁。
Wu Ling Chun

Feng zhu chen xiang hua ji jin
Ri wan juan shu tou.
Wu shi ren fei shi shi xiu
Yu yu lei xian liu.

Wen shui shuang xi chun shang hao
Ye ni fan qing zhou.
Zhi kong shuang xi ze meng zhou
Zai bu dong, xu duo chou.


Wind Stirred Dust and Fragrant Flowers
(Spring in Wuling)

Wind stirred dust and fragrant flowers already subside
Late in the day, hair not combed or rolled.
Things and people of this mortal world not worth writing about
Want to write something, but first the tears flow.

Heard about a pair of small springtime creeks that are worth a visit
Also, small and light boats are available.
Only fear that these two streams may not be strong enough for my boat
As well as to carry my many worries.

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