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Li Yu: Golden Sparrow Hairpins: (Waterclock Experiences)

Golden Sparrow Hairpins: (Waterclock Experiences)

金 雀 钗:  更 漏 子
金 雀 钗,红 粉 面
花 里 暂 时 相 见。
知 我 意,感 君 怜
此 情 须 问 天。
香 作 穗,蜡 成 泪
还 似 两 人 心 意。
山 枕 腻,锦 衾 寒
夜 来 更 漏 残。
Jin Qiao Chai: (Geng Lou Zi)

Jin qiao chai, hong fen mian
Hua li zan shi xiang jian.
Zhi wo yi, gan jun lian
Ci qing xu wen tian.

Xiang zuo sui, la cheng lei
Huan si liang ren xin yi.
Shan zhen ni jin qin han
Ye lai geng lou can.


Golden Sparrow Hairpins: (Waterclock Experiences)

Golden sparrow hairpins, red-powdered face
We saw each other and the flowers during this brief season.
We knew each other well, with sympathetic feelings
Begged to heaven to have these emotions.

Incense smoke arises, remaining ashes like a tassel
Candlelight produces tears.
Like two heart-minds return.
Mountains of pillows and brocade quilt filthy and frozen
Evening arrives, dream fragments and waterclock still dripping.



Written after the death of Li Yu’s wife.

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