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Li Yu: Line Remnants

Line Remnants

残 句
迢 迢 牵 牛 星
杳 在 河 之 阳。
粲 粲 黄 姑 女
耿 耿 遥 相 望。
Can Ju

Tiao tiao qian niu xing
Yao zai he zhi yang.
Can can huang gu nu
Geng geng yao xiang wang.


Line Remnants

Far away and remote are the Cowherd and Weaver Girl
In the distance, the sun light upon a river.
Very bright and beaming yellow is the Weaver Girl
Brilliant are the two lovers gazing into the distance looking for each other.



Cowherd Weaver Girl:  Old Chinese folk tale where the Cowherd, represented by the star Altair, and Weaver Girl represented by the star Vega have been separated because of their love for each other. They live at opposite ends of the Milky Way. On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, magpies form a bridge across the sky so that the lovers can reunite for one day every year.  Close approximation to Valentines Day celebrated in the West.

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