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Li Yu: Ninth Month, Tenth Day Poetic Inspirations

Ninth Month, Tenth Day Poetic Inspirations

九 月 十 日 偶 书
晚 雨 秋 阴 酒 乍 醒
感 时 心 绪 杳 难 平。
黄 花 冷 落 不 成 艳
红 叶 飕 飗 竞 鼓 声。
背 世 返 能 厌 俗 态
偶 缘 犹 未 忘 多 情。
自 从 双 鬓 斑 斑 白
不 学 安 仁 却 自 惊。
Jiu Yue Shi Ri Ou Shu

Wan yu qiu yin jiu zha xing
Gan shi xin xu yao nan ping.
Huang hua leng luo bu cheng yan
Hong ye sou liu jing gu sheng.

Bei shi fan neng yan su tai
Ou yuan you wei wang duo qing.
Zi cong shuang bin ban ban bai
Bu xue an ren que zi jing.


Ninth Month, Tenth Day Poetic Inspirations

Evening autumn rain and shadows, first sober up from wine
Sense of time absent, heart-mind begins to agitate back to a difficult balance.
Yellow chrysanthemum petals dropped, lost their freshness and beauty
Dry red leaves blow like the sounds from competing drums.

They and I have had enough of society with artificial customs and appearances
Try to move beyond human feelings, by chance we achieve a happy fate.
Naturally both sides of my temple hair full of white spots
Did not want to imitate An Ren, naturally this startles me.



This day of the year is the day after the Mid-Autumn Festival of Double Nines.

An Re: Famous man from the Jin Dynasty noted for having white hair at the age of thirty.

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