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Li Yu: Outside Curtains: (Waves Wash the Sand)

Outside Curtains: (Waves Wash the Sand)

帘 外: 浪 淘 沙
帘 外 雨 潺 潺
春 意 阑 珊。
罗 衾 不 耐 五 更 寒。
梦 里 不 知 身 是 客
一 晌 贪 欢。
独 自 莫 凭 阑
无 限 江 山。
别 是 容 易 见 时 难。
落 花 流 水 春 去 也
天 上 人 间。
Lian Wai: (Lang Tao Sha)

Lian wai yu chan chan
Chun yi lan shan.
Luo qin bu mai wu geng han.
Meng li bu zhi shen shi ke
Yi shang tan huan.

Du zi mo ping lan
Wu xian jiang shan.
Bie shi rong yi jian shi nan.
Luo hua liu shui chun qu ye
Tian shang ren jian.


Outside Curtains: (Waves Wash the Sand)

Outside curtains, sounds of rain and flowing water
Expect spring to draw to an end.
Gather the quilt, not able to endure the fifth watch of the night
Inside dreams, did not realize I am just a visitor in life
Only one part of the day to soak up any joy.

By myself, everywhere I am just an observer
Rivers and mountains without limits.
At my departure, did not realize how difficult this would be to never see my country again
Fallen flowers flowing away on spring waters
I am in between heaven and humanity.



[Li Yu is departing for his exile and imprisonment in the Song held territories]

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