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Li Yu: Plum Blossoms: Two Poems

Plum Blossoms: Two Poems

梅 花: 二 首
殷 勤 移 植 地
曲 槛 小 栏 边。
共 约 重 芳 日
还 忧 不 盛 妍。
阻 风 开 步 障
乘 月 溉 寒 泉。
谁 料 花 前 后
蛾 眉 却 不 全。
失 去 烟 花 主
东 君 自 不 知。
清 香 更 何 用
犹 发 去 年 枝。
Mei Hua: Er Shou


Yin qin yi zhi di
Qu jian xiao lan bian.
Gong yue chong fang ri
Huan you bu sheng yan.

Zu feng kai bu zhang
Cheng yue gai han quan.
Shei liao hua qian hou
E mei que bu quan.


Shi qu yan hua zhu
Dong jun zi bu zhi.
Qing xiang geng he yong
You fa qu nian zhi.


Plum Blossoms: Two Poems


Eager to carefully transport them into other soil
Next to crooked banisters and a small fence.
Agree to daily share their fragrances
Concerned that they may not be vigorous or enchanting.

Install a screen to impede and obstruct the winds
Moonlit landscape, divert cold spring water to our trees.
Who expects the blossoms to be early or later next year
Fancy made-up wife not here anymore.


Lost sight of the misty flowered hostess
Spring deities naturally do realize this.
How can one utilize these clear and pure fragrances
Last year’s branches still producing blossoms.




Li Yu still mourns for his son and departed wife.

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