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Lu Yu: Drunk Songs Upon the Tower

Drunk Songs Upon the Tower

楼 上 醉 歌
我 游 四 方 不 得 意
阳 狂 施 药 成 都 市。
大 瓢 满 贮 随 所 求
聊 为 疲 民 起 憔 悴。
票 空 夜 静 上 高 楼
买 酒 卷 帘 邀 月 醉。
醉 中 拂 剑 光 射 月
往 往 悲 歌 独 流 涕。
刬 却 君 山 湘 水 平
斫 却 桂 树 月 更 明。
丈 夫 有 志 苦 难 成
修 名 未 立 华 发 生。
Lou Shang Zui Ge

Wo you si fang bu de yi
Yang kuang shi yao cheng du shi.
Da piao man zhu sui suo qiu
Liao wei pi min qi qiao cui.

Piao kong ye jing shang gao lou
Mai jiu juan lian yao yue zui.
Zui zhong fu jian guang she yue
Wang wang bei ge du liu ti.

Chan que jun shan xiang shui ping
Zhuo que gui shu yue geng ming.
Zhang fu you zhi ku nan cheng
Xiu ming wei li hua fa sheng.


Drunk Songs Upon the Tower

I travel in all four directions, not in need of a plan
Pretend to be the producer of teas and medicines in Chengdu.
A large dipper laid aside, when asked I give them a full portion
Barely help the tired to arise from being ill and emaciated.

In the evening, I go to climb a tower to enjoy the tranquility
Buy wine, roll up the curtains to invite the moon to get drunk with me.
After drunk, my sword clean in the moonlight
Frequent songs of sorrow alone with flowing tears.

Remove Mt. Jun, it is an object blocking my view of a level Xiang River
Chop down the cinnamon trees to increase the moon’s brightness.
This strong man’s ambition suffers from the difficulties of achievements.
Not yet obtain fame with the established and prosperous developments.



Mt. Jun: Located in Hunan Province.

Xiang River:  Large tributary to the Changjiang (Yanzi River) and chief river on the Dong Ting Lake area.

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