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Lu Yu: Fresh Bamboo at East Lake

Fresh Bamboo at East Lake

东 湖 新 竹
插 棘 编 篱 谨 护 持
养 成 寒 碧 映 沦 漪。
清 风 掠 地 秋 先 到
赤 日 行 天 午 不 知。
解 箨 时 闻 声 簌 簌
放 梢 初 见 叶 离 离。
官 闲 我 欲 频 来 此
枕 簟 仍 教 到 处 随。
Dong Hu Xin Zhu

Cha ji bian li jin hu chi
Yang cheng han bi ying lun yi.
Qing feng lue di qiu xian dao
Chi ri xing tian wu bu zhi.

Jie tuo shi wen sheng su su
Fang shao chu jian ye li li.
Guan xian wo yu pin lai ci
Zhen dian reng jiao dao chu sui.


Fresh Bamboo at East Lake

Carefully woven bramble fence for protection and privacy
Green jade ripples and reflections from the nearby growing bamboo.
Clear winds sweep past across the land like in early autumn
At noon, the hot sun naturally unknown.

The season when bamboo shoots make their rustling sounds as they expand
Their tips begin to let go some leaves at the top.
My government duties so few, I frequently enjoy this type of leisure
I have adapted my pillow and bamboo mat to be unrolled and then rolled up.

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