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Lu Yu: Listening to the Rain

Listening to the Rain

闻 雨
慷 慨 心 犹 壮
磋 砣 鬓 已 秋。
百 年 殊 鼎 鼎
万 事 只 悠 悠。
不 悟 鱼 千 里
终 归 貉 一 丘。
夜 阑 闻 急 雨
起 坐 涕 交 流。
Wen Yu

Kang kai xin you zhuang
Cuo tuo bin yi qiu.
Bai nian shu ding ding
Wan shi zhi you you.

Bu wu yu qian li
Zhong gui he yi qiu.
Ye lan wen ji yu
Qi zuo ti jiao liu.


Listening to the Rain

Heart-mind with fervor and strength
Already have autumn white hair, idled away a lot of time.
One hundred years passed by like items in a ding cooking pot
Myriad things will be left unfinished.

Cistern fish not aware of what is three hundred miles away
In the end a raccoon dog returns to his one paddy field.
Late evening, listening to the inconsistent rainfall
Arise, punished by continuously flowing tears.



Written in the autumn of 1168 AD when Lu was age 44. He had now been in his hometown for two years.

Line three inspired by a poem written by Tao Yuanming.

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