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Lu Yu: Nancheng Mounted Horse Training Area

Nanzheng Mounted Horse Training Area

南 郑 马 上 作
南 郑 春 残 信 马 行
通 都 气 象 尚 峥 嵘。
迷 空 游 絮 凭 陵 去
曳 线 飞 鸢 跋 扈 鸣。
落 日 断 云 唐 阙 废
淡 烟 芳 草 汉 坛 平。
犹 嫌 未 豁 胸 中 气
目 断 南 山 天 际 横。
Nan Zheng Ma Shang Zuo

Nan zheng chun can xin ma xing
Tong dou qi xiang shang zheng rong.
Mi kong you xu ping ling qu
Ye xian fei yuan ba hu ming.

Luo ri duan yun tang que fei
Dan yan fang cao han tan ping?
You xian wei huo xiong zhong qi
Mu duan nan shan tian ji heng.


Nanzheng Mounted Horse Training Area

Nanzheng late spring, letting the horses roam freely without rein
Everywhere the air precious among the green and healthy.
Fascinated by the whole sky with scattered cottonwood seeds on the wing
Pull tight on the kite strings, they soar and caw like hawks.

Clouds breaking up at sunset, Tangque buildings have been abandoned
Thin mists and fragrant grasses around the level terrace of Han Xin.
Hate the fact I have yet to break open my heart-mind spirit
Views interrupted by the Southern Mountains running along the east-west horizon.



Nanzheng: Located in southern Shaanxi Province.

Tangque buildings: A new palace built by Emperor Dezong in 783 AD during the Tang Dynasty. Han Xin was the famous general in the previous poem.

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